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Established in 1991 we are in the third decade of excellence, giving quality education. English Chamber helps you unlock your potential and takes you to a higher platform.
Mastery in communication makes you a master in handling people. It fixes your chances of success. The ability to communicate your ideas to people around you, plays a crucial role in making you a successful person. English Chamber is a proven choice to reach global opportunities.

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P.R. Ravi, Managing Director

English Fluency Training

The course is designed by Mr. P.R. Ravi M.A. Litt. who has authored the book 'Easy way to Learn English'. Mr. P.R. Ravi, a leading professional trainer in English Fluency and Personality Development has a record of three decades of commitment in creating excellent output in his profession. This course strengthens your grammar foundation, improves your communication skills and builds your confidence in handling English.